Indonesiaovercrowding.id is a website managed by the Center for Detention Studies, which provides information and monitoring of overcrowding in prisons and detention centers in Indonesia. This platform was built as a form of advocacy on the impacts and policies of handling overcrowding in Indonesia.

Center for Detention Studies (CDS) is an NGO that was founded on February 19, 2009 in Jakarta. CDS began its overcrowding research in 2021, where CDS succeeded in calculating predictive data on overcrowding rates in prisons/detention centers in Indonesia, which was then analyzed in a study entitled Overcrowding Control: Analysis of Policy Contributions to Reduction in Prison Occupancy Density.

To provide convenience for stakeholders, academics and the public in accessing information related to overcrowding, such as the level of inflows and outflows, cost of living, capacity, data on overcrowding of children and women in prisons, policies, and policy recommendations related to handling overcrowding in Indonesia.

The data available at indonesiaovercroding.id includes data on the rate of inflows and outflows, living cost, capacity, as well as data on overcrowding of children and women in Indonesian prisons/detention centers. In addition, on indonesia overcrowding.id there is also news about overcrowding, government policies and policy recommendations regarding overcrowding which are compiled by CDS and can be downloaded by the public.

Data related to overcrowding was obtained from the Correctional Database System of the Directorate General of Corrections on the https://sdppublik.ditjenpas.go.id/ page and then visualized independently and adapted to the needs of indonesiaovercrowding.id